Monday, June 14, 2010

Developed Landform

Fully Developed Landform:(Preview of the fully developed landform)
The bridge expands over the valley cliffs and are held up by support beams that connect the land with the bridge.
The structure overlooks the valley and is perched at the highest level of the landform. (Some glitches and errors occured with the elevators within crysis making me unable to modify them)

Real Time Image Captures of Developed Enviroment:
(Preview standing on the bridge)
The bridge design represents a symbol of influential power within the world having it high above the valley at the highest point, it projects it's influence down upon the world with it's size and scale making it more than noticable. The arches interconnecting and texture chosen symbolise Mirandah Kerr's image portrayed in the media through her elegance and graceful nature that many people would like to model themselves after.

(Valley shown covered with multitudes of vegetation and plantlife)
(Platform of Angela Merkel's Elevator)(Ground level shot below the structure)(Overview of the structure in the valley)(First person view from Mirandah Kerr's elevator)

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