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Elevators and Dining Table

Mirandah Kerr's Elevator
Mirandah Kerr's elevator was designed with elegance and simplicity in mind to reflect the power she has through her beauty and image within the media. I have re-created the David Jone's logo for Kerr's elevator since it is a label she is heavily related to along with being a starting point of her image in the fashion industry.

Angela Merkel's Elevator
Angela Merkel's elevator was designed in respect to her influential power over the world and the overview she has over it. The elevator is designed to travel down a translucent pipe with rings wrapped around, creating an almost 'ascension-descension' like transition when travelling from her office on the elevator. This creates a facade of her figure while not entirely hiding her presence during the transition.

The Dining Table
This was designed to symbolise nature while also inspired by fashion clothing and modernized architecture help reflect the traits of both clients. The meeting point is designed and positioned in a location surrounded by nature such as tress and vegetation. I felt this helped contrast the images of both women who's both images are exposed to the media and commercialism. Having this serve as the meeting point, it bridges the gap of power between the clients and can also serve as a relaxing getaway change of scenery from the work they are associated with.

36 Custom Textures

Developed Landform

Fully Developed Landform:(Preview of the fully developed landform)
The bridge expands over the valley cliffs and are held up by support beams that connect the land with the bridge.
The structure overlooks the valley and is perched at the highest level of the landform. (Some glitches and errors occured with the elevators within crysis making me unable to modify them)

Real Time Image Captures of Developed Enviroment:
(Preview standing on the bridge)
The bridge design represents a symbol of influential power within the world having it high above the valley at the highest point, it projects it's influence down upon the world with it's size and scale making it more than noticable. The arches interconnecting and texture chosen symbolise Mirandah Kerr's image portrayed in the media through her elegance and graceful nature that many people would like to model themselves after.

(Valley shown covered with multitudes of vegetation and plantlife)
(Platform of Angela Merkel's Elevator)(Ground level shot below the structure)(Overview of the structure in the valley)(First person view from Mirandah Kerr's elevator)

18 Perspective Drawings

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Valley

The Jamison Valley
I have chosen the Jamison Valley, located in the Blue Mountains in News South Wales, Australia the birth place of client Mirandah Kerr. Reasons I have chosen this valley is because of it's large and vast landscape that is quite beautiful. I plan on having large expanding bridge towering over the valley built upon the structures for my clients, Mirandah Kerr and Angela Merkel.


A Preview of what my valley model looks like so far..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Three Clients

Mirandah Kerr

This Aussie beauty has been in some of the most pants warming advertising campaigns of all time. Between her Maybelline billboards and the Victoria's Secret commercial featuring her flying around in her underwear, she is a face no one forgets. Voted #19 in the's Top 99 Women 2008 Edition. Life Story Miranda was born in Sydney, Australia, in the small village of Gunnedah. Much to the dismay of the estimated 17 unmarried men in the town, Miranda was discovered in a Covergirl competition in 1997, assuring she'd never sleep with anyone from her small town for the remainder of her life. After her victory, she modethe local medialed only part time, spending the remainder of her time studying in school. But as her fame increased, used her youth as an opportunity to debate about pedophilia in the fashion industry, which one can only assume ruined most people's ability to enjoy looking at Miranda's photographs. Her career continued, as controversy or not, her smoking hotness could not be denied, and in 2004, she moved to New York City, and was immediately signed by "Next" modeling agency. Quickly her popularity grew and she became one of the coveted "Victoria's Secret Angels," a group of women that included Gisele Bundchen and Tyra Banks. Although the women were capable of banding together to use their hotness to take over the world, they apparently lacked the drive and organizational skills to do so, and settled for just being really rich, famous, hot chicks. Miranda was recently signed as the face of Californian fashion retailer "Arden B." Hopefully they'll release a line of swimsuits that are backed by an aggressive ad campaign.


Helen Keller

Helen Keller, an activist and a popular author who was both deaf and blind, beat the odds at the time by being able to learn to read, write, and speak through her dedicated teacher Anne Sullivan. If you haven’t seen The Miracle Worker, an ongoing play as well as a movie based on their incredible journey of communication, it is an entertaining and informative recommendation. In 1984, President Regan made the last week of June into Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week in order to commemorate her birthday (June 27, 1880). The purpose of this week is to enhance the awareness of the deaf-blind population and their need for recognition within society. Along with the Helen Keller National Center for the Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults (HKNC), volunteer organizations, nationally-recognized agencies, and local support groups will be making important information available during the week of June 21 through June 27. Deaf-blind people are those individuals living with a combination of hearing and vision loss. The Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week of 2009 is not to remind people that Helen Keller was the prominent figure for the deaf-blind community, but that she was not the only one living with both of these disabilities. By putting on events during this week and letting their voice be heard, the people of HKNC are here to change the assumptions behind deaf-blindness. Hoping to change the way the world sees deaf-blindness, HKNC’s theme is “Deaf-Blindness Didn’t Stop With Helen Keller.” Because most people only associate the affliction of deaf-blindness with Helen Keller, they are unaware that people living all around them could be dealing with the loss of vision and hearing and because deaf-blindness can affect anyone regardless of age, race, and gender; no one is exempt from the possibility of losing their senses. The phrase “deaf-blind” is not exclusive to only those who are completely blind and deaf, but also those who are hearing impaired or partially blind, and the number of people with relative problems in these areas is growing each year. Even though Helen Keller famously had Anne Sullivan to help her communicate with the world, most of the today’s citizens living with deaf-blindness are independent. Some live, work, and travel on their own, and this awareness week is a great way to let the rest of America know that they deserve to be recognized within the community. Although Helen Keller died in 1968, deaf-blindness didn’t die with her and since 1969 the HKNC has been in place to spread awareness of that as well as provide guidance and support to those individuals and their families (over the age of 16) who are coping with any form of deaf-blindness. As the only exclusive agency that provides vocational and independent services and training for people overcoming these disabilities in order to lead healthy and happy lives, HKNC would love for you to be involved or at least informed of their efforts this last week of June. For more information about Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week, visit the HKNC website for access to press releases, pamphlets, posters, and recommended activities in order to promote deaf-blind awareness or find a location near you in one of ten locations across the United States.


Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel became the first female chancellor of Germany in 2005 at the age of 51. She was also the first eastern German to lead the country after its reunification following the fall of the Berlin Wall. She is the leader of the Christian Democratic Union, a Catholic-leaning conservative party. Mrs. Merkel was re-elected in September 2009, making her one of the longest-serving leaders among Europe's major powers. But her party had its worst results in 60 years, reflecting widespread unhappiness over the economic downturn, which has cost Germany its position as the world's leading exporter. She formed a coalition with the pro-business Free Democrats, which in theory gave her a the chance to enact the kind of liberalizing economic plans she proposed when she first ran for chancellor in 2005. Rising budget deficits as a result of the economic crisis, however, have drastically limited the kind of tax cuts on which the would-be coalition partners campaigned. The dominant issue in the first six months of Mrs. Merkel's second term turned out to be the debt crisis in Greece, and the threat it posed to the Euro. Germans were overwhelmingly opposed to a bailout of a country they saw as spendthrift, and Mrs. Merkel took a tough line in months of negotiations with France and the International Monetary Fund over an aid package. Finally in late April 2010, as the crisis threatened to spread to Spain and Portugal, Ms. Merkel's hand was forced, as political calculations had to take a back seat to the more basic task of ensuring the stability of the euro currency that replaced Germany's beloved mark.

Ms. Merkel announced, grumbling, that Germany would do its part to defend the euro.


MashUp of News Articles

Mirandah Kerr, Helen Keller and Angela Merkel, a face no one forgets beat the odds and formed major powers as a deaf and blind activist, covergirl and female chancellor. Dominant in controversy or not she is the leader within the community, the women were capable of live, work, and travel reflecting widespread awareness and fame. individuals living with a combination of powers in the local media, HKNC and Catholic-leaning conservative party they provide some of the most dedicated position as the world's model in drastically overcoming these disabilities in order to lead healthy and happy lives.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

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Combined Axonometric Sketches

Combined sketch 2 and 5.

Combined sketch 1 and 2.

Combined sketch 8 and 4.

36 Custom Textures

Developed Model Landform in Crysis

Deciding on the surrounding landform of the structure, taking into consideration of my client's, Nicole Kuepper and Charles Darwin, I have modelled the structure to be located on a remote island that was in direct contact to nature. I felt it was important to have the labs situated in locations that would relate to their research since both clients did research closely to nature and it's inhabitants.

(Structure setting in dusk lighting and natural surroundings)
Nicole Kuepper's lab is located at the top of the structure giving it the most exposure to the sky and sunlight. Since Kuepper's research involved using solar cell technology, I felt that this was appropriate for the location of the lab.

(Darwin's underwater lab, illuminated at night to make it visible underneath the ocean depth.)

I chose to model Darwin's lab underwater beneath the ocean because it puts his research in direct contact with species found underwater. As Darwin's theory of evolution suggests that millions of species have evolved over billions of years to what we know today. Some of which, have been suggested to have formed beneath the ocean.

(The neighbouring vegetation on the paths surrounding the lab)

Having the structure located near plenty of vegetation and plants help Darwin's research of different breeds and the evolution of species. While in direct sunlight, this also helps Nicole Kuepper's research on solar cell technology and the effects on the natural climate.

(The meeting point between the two spaces is illuminated at night when it is active, signifying the two scientist meeting inside the space.)

By having the clients meet in the space lit between the support structure and the labs, it's in a position just above ground with sunlight exposure and an overview of the ocean. This provides an area where the scientists can discuss their ideas and share each others thoughts with the help of their surroundings.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Electroliquid Aggregation

Nicole Kuepper
"I love working with passionate people who want to help address climate change and poverty by thinking and experimenting outside the square,"

Charles Darwin
"...the young and the old of widely different races, both with man and animals, express the same state of mind by the same movements."

Electroliquid Aggregation
"I love working with both man and animals of widely different races, expressing the same state of mind by thinking and experimenting outside the square.

Crysis Draft Models

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